Aged Care Guide

We know how stressful looking for aged care can be. At Opal Aged Care we aim to make that process as simple and as stress free as possible and ensure the transition from home to residential care is a positive experience.

The decision to move into residential aged care is a significant one and it is important to choose a nursing home that meets your and your loved ones needs and budget. We have taken time to put together an aged care guide that will assist you along your journey.

What is Residential Aged Care?

Residential aged care is for older people who through illness, disability, an emergency or for other reasons, are no longer able to manage at home without help.

All aged care homes / nursing homes in Australia are strictly regulated by the government to ensure a high standard of care across the sector but you will find that accommodation differs depending on your needs and extra services that are offered.

The Opal aged care guide will help you navigate through the process from your enquiry to nursing home placement and ensure you have what you need along the way. Included in this guide are details on:

  • what residential aged care is and eligibility criteria
  • how to apply for a place in an aged care home
  • what to expect from an aged care home

Our aged care guide will act as a framework for the below ‘five steps to aged care’. It will walk you through the process and provide an in-depth look at the journey of moving into an aged care home.

Five Steps to Aged Care

  1. Assess: Our first step is to assess what level of care is needed and how to go about arranging this. To find out more information about Aged Care Eligibility and ACAT Assessment please view this section – Find out More
  2. Find: Has your ACAT Assessment found you eligible for aged care? Find information in this section that will help you find an appropriate residential aged care home – Find out More
  3. Costs: It is important that the costs, fees and charges associated with residential aged care. Along with this, there may be extra services or benefits you may need or be eligible for – Find out More
  4. Apply: In this section of our guide we will outline the documents and forms that need completion to allow for a easy application to an aged care home – Find out More
  5. Move: At Opal Aged Care we aim to help new residents make the transition to aged care living seamless and easy. View this section to find out how we will welcome you to your new home – Find out More

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the process of moving into aged care then do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly team members on 1300 362 481.