Managing aged care affairs

When you move into an aged care home, you may like to think about how to manage your affairs on an ongoing basis.

Department of Health care fees

You may like to appoint a nominee or someone who can act on your behalf in dealings with the Department of Health and Ageing about your care fees. To appoint a nominee, you should complete an appointment of Nominee form which any Opal Aged Care home can supply you with.

Personal preferences in the event of serious illness

Many people have particular preferences about their treatment during a serious illness. You may wish to provide information about your personal preferences to us at Opal Aged Care when you move in. You can do this formally via a Living Will or Advance Health Directive which is a written statement of what health care you want should you no longer be able to take part in decisions about your medical treatment.

Your will

It is important to have your Will up to date to ensure that your estate and your funeral requirements are as you wish. It is also a good idea to inform your new aged care home of the details of the executor of your will, so that the information will be available if it is needed.

We are here to assist you throughout the journey, from moving out of home and into aged care. We can provide you advice and guidance on managing aged care affairs, do not hesitate to call the Opal team today, on 130 362 481