Our Executive Team

Looking after over 6,500 residents in our care every day is truly a team effort at Opal. We acknowledge the dedication and contribution of all of our 8,500 team members, as together we strive to bring joy to those we care for.

Rachel Argaman
Chief Executive Officer

“At Opal, we believe excellent clinical care is essential, but holistic care includes love and purpose. We can never forget that human connection is at the heart of wellbeing. Once our residents move in, Opal becomes their home, and every one of our residents deserves to live with dignity, respect and purpose. Every day we strive to nurture a sense of belonging, so that our elders can truly live and enjoy their later years. For all of us at Opal, this means helping our residents stay connected with their communities and delivering a personalised, customer-focused experience to our residents and their families."

Ian Burge
Chief Operating Officer

“The leaders at our Homes are critical to the outcomes for our residents and their families. Inspiring and capable leaders create a special care home where each individual is valued and our teams will feel empowered to go above and beyond for the residents they care for. At Opal it is our aspiration that you feel and see this at each one of our care homes across the country.”

Roseanne Cartwright
Director of Communications & Community Engagement

“As a newcomer to aged care, I am inspired by the countless number of people across Australia who care for our elders with dedication and compassion every day – whether they do it as a career, as a volunteer, a friend or family member. At Opal, we believe it is the simple acts of kindness that happen in our care homes that will define our culture. These stories connect Opal and our partners in care to our purpose – ‘to bring joy to those we care for’. They help us to learn how to improve, and inspire us to find new and better ways of caring for our elders with dignity, respect and love.”

Ben Feek
Chief Financial Officer

“At Opal, our purpose is to bring joy to those we care for. For me, this is a powerful statement which really defines what we are striving to do at Opal. When we do it well, we make such a positive difference to the lives of our residents, their families and their communities. We believe that the better we know and understand our residents’ needs, the better able we are to serve them, and this is something that motivates us every day.”

Yvette Miller
General Counsel & Company Secretary

“I am inspired every day by the energy, commitment and compassion that our Opal teams bring to their roles – and am proud to support them as they work to provide the very best care for our residents. Care is at the heart of what we do. It is in a sense everything we do – whether our particular role at Opal is to provide clinical care, prepare delicious meals, coordinate lifestyle activities or in other ways create homes in which our residents can live with purpose and dignity.”

Yolande Nealon
Director of Human Resources

“At Opal we know that our people are at the heart of our care. We aim to empower our team members to be the best they can be in order to deliver our shared purpose of bringing joy to those we care for. Investing in our people is essential to providing exceptional care for our residents. At Opal we strive to attract and retain the best talent through providing exciting career paths, diverse development opportunities and a supportive environment to achieve their career goals.”

Tan Nguyen
Chief Information Officer

“Our culture at Opal is underpinned by our values of compassion, accountability, respect and excellence. I feel very privileged to be part of an organisation that strives to put care at the heart of everything we do, and the decisions we make. Working side-by-side with all of our Opal team members inspires me to continue to learn and find new and innovative ways ‘to bring joy to those we care for’.”

Lucy Thompson
Director of Clinical Services

“The true gift of caring for others lies in the relationships that are formed; the wisdom and stories that are shared; and the sense of community that evolves. At Opal, we consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to provide high quality, evidenced based clinical care for our residents, and to partner at every step of the way with their families.”

Harley Wright
Chief Commercial Officer

“Opal has a significant and growing building program that puts residents and families at the centre. Our care homes are designed to create a familiar, safe and homely environment that supports resident choice and enhances independence. We also recognise the importance of catering for the delivery of services that contribute to whole of person wellbeing, including recreation and entertainment, wellness and relaxation, rehabilitation and residents’ evolving clinical care needs.”